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Payroll Relief’s interface is highly intuitive. It logically follows the sequence of payroll processing. The system guides you through the entire payroll process, minimizing the learning curve and easing your workflow. In addition, the program is fully Web-based so you can process payrolls 24/7 from anywhere via our secure server.


  • Convenient spreadsheet format screen for multiple employees or one employee per screen for detail work including entry of fringe benefits and third-party sick pay.

  • Exception-based payroll entry streamlines the payroll process by requiring entries only for items that differ from the employee’s usual hours or amounts.

  • Client enters payroll data either through the program or on an Excel template emailed to the client, edited at their location, and seamlessly imported back to Payroll Relief.

  • Payroll entry, employee maintenance, and printing checks from remote locations using access rights granted by the employer.

  • Import payroll data from time and attendance programs Swipeclock and Advantek.

  • Seamless data entry and review via mobile device.

  • Various levels of review and correction, including pre-approval and post-approval reports, overrides to system calculations, voiding checks issued in error, and more.

  • Direct deposit (multiple accounts per employee) and electronic child support payments.

  • Easy migration from other payroll systems, including import of employee and prior period payroll data in Excel format.

  • Extensive diagnostics, including critical warnings for events that could prevent payroll processing, and employee-specific warnings that could prevent payment to the employee.

  • Global per-payroll preferences for suspending direct deposit and/or child support, setting calculation methods for bonuses or commissions, adding second checks for all employees, setting holiday hours on all checks, etc.

  • Payroll Relief offers a variety of batch processes to improve your workflow: Approve Payrolls, Print Checks, archive compliance forms, process W-2s and 1099s.

  • Client Notifications allow you to communicate, via mass email, important payroll related matters. Select from a pre-defined set of emails or create your own custom email.

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