Payroll Relief



Payroll Relief’s extensive capabilities let you quickly and easily process payrolls of varying complexities, for companies with 1 to over 1,000 employees.



  • Calculations for all 50 states and localities, DC, and Puerto Rico.

  • Multiple pay schedules; multiple checks for an employee per pay period; multiple withholding states per employee; multiple unemployment states per employer.

  • Override system calculations or enter wage adjustments.

  • Contractor (1099-MISC) payrolls.


Multiple Pay Types:

  • Unlimited customizable pay types.

  • Multiple allowances and reimbursements.

  • Cash & Paycheck Tips and Tip Wage Allowance.

  • Third-party sick pay, dependent care benefits, health insurance for 2% shareholders, and manual checks.

  • Non-Employee Compensation, Hourly rate, and reimbursements.



  • Unlimited customizable deductions, including precise allocation of multiple garnishments and electronic payment of child support.

  • Third-party payments for deductions and garnishments.

  • Track goal amounts for deductions like loan repayments and charitable contibutions.

  • Direct entry deductions.


Flexible Payroll Settings:

  • Adjust pay dates or skip a payroll period.

  • Set tax and deductions methods for second checks.

  • Disable direct deposit and/or child support per payroll or employee.

  • Set holiday hours for the entire payroll.



  • Allocate payroll expenses by department, worker’s comp classification, and/or job.


Multiple Locations:

  • Print checks at each location using their own bank or at a central location.


Retirement Plans:

  • Employer match contributions for 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), Roth 401(k), and SIMPLE IRA, with multi-tiered employer match where applicable.

  • Flexible options for inclusion of pay types in compensation when computing the employer match.

  • Fully customizable Retirement Transmittal Report for plan administrators.

  • Include employer contributions in third-party checks.


Direct Deposit:

  • Full support for direct deposit, including multiple accounts for each employee and direct deposit for employee contributions to an HSA account.


Paid Time Off:

  • Setup of PTO policy at Company level (default to all new employees).

  • Employee paid time off accruals and tracking.


Employee Portal:

  • Let employees view their personal profile, maintain address information, upload documents, and view/print pay statements and W-2’s/1099’s.


Check Printing:

  • Print paychecks at the accountant or employer’s office on pre-printed stock or blank checks using MICR printing and pressure-sealed checks.

  • Email paychecks or archive them to Cloud Cabinet.

  • Supports digital signatures and company logos.


Comprehensive Reporting:

  • Numerous reports for analyzing all aspects of the payroll process:

  • Customizable Report Sets let you easily define collections of reports for repeated use and run them as a single request. This way, you can generate all the reports you need to analyze individual payrolls or payroll compliance periods, and help establish uniform record-keeping procedures within the company.

  • Output to PDF, Excel, or Word.

  • Email reports to the company’s primary contact person, both during the payroll process and at any selected time.

  • Archive reports to Cloud Cabinet, our state-of-the-art system for electronic document storage and retrieval.


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