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We pioneered the technology to bring highly profitable payroll services back to accountants.

We pioneered the technology to bring highly profitable payroll services back to accountants.

Payroll Relief promises: more profit, less work. Absolutely.

No matter what payroll solution you’re currently using, you will generate more profit with Payroll Relief from AccountantsWorld while reducing your firm’s workload. The secret? Payroll Relief reduces staff hours to a bare minimum by performing complex payroll tasks automatically, on time, and with 100% guaranteed accuracy of calculation.

That’s why over 70% of users have experienced at least 25% improvement in their practice since switching to Payroll Relief.

Payroll Relief

Here’s how Payroll Relief turns payroll processing into a highly profitable service:

  • Payroll Relief handles direct deposit, tax payment, filing of tax forms, and year-end processing automatically, on time 
  • It streamlines payroll processing to manage a high-volume payroll practice smoothly and virtually error-free 
  • Payroll Relief makes it easy for clients to enter data and print paychecks in their offices to reduce your firm’s work 
  • Batch processing lets you perform a multitude of tasks for a large number of clients with a few mouse clicks
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) provides you and your clients with a 100% digital onboarding and training platform as well as ongoing management of their data

Tangible results

Payroll Relief is the premier choice of professionals who take their payroll practice seriously.



of users switched from other solutions


saw 25% improvement in their practice


saw 50% improvement in their practice

Case Study

“With Payroll Relief, we’ve more than tripled the number of payrolls we’ve processed in the last four years.”

Payroll Relief case study by Matt Contardi

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Payroll Relief is the most awarded payroll solution for accountants and payroll providers.

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