March 16, 2023

Stop Giving Away Your Payroll Profits

If your purse or wallet had a hole in it, leaving a trail of $20 bills behind you, you’d quickly get a new purse or wallet.  That seems like an easy decision. So why is your firm still using outdated software that is losing you money?  See how your firm is losing money because you’re […]

January 30, 2023

Changes in Accounting That Will Impact Your Practice

With the new year comes new regulations, standards, and compliance requirements for accountants. Here are a few of the updates you need to keep an eye out for in 2023.  Changes from The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), is an independent, non-profit organization that establishes accounting and reporting standards, […]

December 19, 2022

The Best Time to Update Your Payroll Software Is Now

Accountants are busy year-round, so when are you supposed to complete essential maintenance on your software? It can be tricky to find the best time to focus on your software, but here’s your guide to when you need to take time to improve your internal processes. Tax Deadlines and Responsibilities Before you try to find […]

October 24, 2022

What Is SOC 2 Compliance and Why Is It Important for Accountants?

Data security is important in every business, but for accountants and accounting firms, it is an absolute necessity. Companies should always have data protection practices to ensure that their customer’s personal information and data is protected from theft, but for accountants who deal with banking and financial information, data security needs to be taken one […]

October 12, 2022

The Benefits of Adding Employee Self Service for Accountants, Employers, and Employees

Employee Self Service (ESS) is an add-on module to Payroll Relief. It focuses on digitizing key processes in onboarding and training that provides benefits for accountants, their clients, and their employees. Learn more about the benefits ESS provides each group.   Benefits of ESS for Accountants As with all AccountantsWorld products, ESS focuses on supporting […]