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Employee Self Service is an add-on service to Payroll Relief. It provides benefits for accountants, their clients, and their employees by digitizing and centralizing the onboarding process, and streamlining ongoing management of employee data.


Benefits for Accountants
Accountants who use Employee Self Service can:
  • Maintain more accurate data on clients’ employees.
  • Earn additional monthly revenue. Improve client retention by providing additional accounting services and becoming an integrated service provider with your clients.


Benefits for Clients
Your employers can experience benefits like:
  • Offer a fully digital and customized onboarding process, which helps streamline the onboarding timeline, making it faster and easier to onboard new employees.
  • Track and manage compliance and training programs for new and existing employees.
  • Centralize and streamline key HR processes.


Benefits for Employees
Employees are directly impacted when their company chooses to implement Employee Self Service. They are able to:
  • Access and modify personal information 24/7. With access to full transparency, employees can quickly identify and fix any errors.
  • View and complete any outstanding training in a central location. Employees can immediately see which training sessions they need to complete, including initial onboarding training and recurring long-term training for existing employees.

If you are already an existing user of Payroll Relief, adding Employee Self Service is an easy addition to your existing software. And you only pay per active employee – no maintenance fees, no long-term contract.

In this video, you’ll learn how Employee Self Service (ESS) benefits accountants, employers, and employees by providing a completely digital solution to onboarding and training. Learn more about this new add-on module to Payroll Relief and the solutions it provides.


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