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The most powerful all-in-one Client Accounting Services software.
Created for accountants.

Our model puts you back in the center of client accounting.

The CAS platform for accountants who won’t settle for less.

While many accountants have chosen to run their Client Accounting Services practice on the same accounting software their clients use, you know that doing so undermines your practice.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) accounting software created for small businesses may suffice for bookkeeping work, but it doesn’t have the capabilities you need to offer full-blown professional client accounting and advisory services. You demand a genuine professional CAS system, and that’s precisely what Power CAS delivers.

Power CAS is the most comprehensive, fully integrated platform for offering a broad spectrum of client accounting and advisory services. It delivers virtually all the capabilities you need to create a thriving CAS practice in one integrated platform. With any other accounting system, you will need multiple apps and add-ons to achieve similar functionality. That adds unnecessary cost and complexity, and still won’t render the same results that Power CAS can.


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A modular system that grows with you

Power CAS is a modular system. Start with our award-winning professional accounting software to perform trial balance and write-up engagements and create fully customizable financials. Then add outsourced accounting, bill payment, live payroll, payroll compliance, and virtual CFO services in any order that works for you.


You’ll receive extensive training

We not only offer you the most comprehensive CAS platform, but we’ll give you the training, support, and resources you need to establish a thriving practice that grows your bottom line and raises your relevance.


You’ll regain full control over your core services and strengthen your client relationships

Imagine what you could do with a software partner that works with you, instead of against you. That’s exactly what AccountantsWorld designed Power CAS to do. We want you to be able to provide your clients with all the services, insights, and expertise that they need, so they don’t have to look elsewhere.

Moreover, we never compete with you or sell our products or services directly to your clients. Our only focus is to help you strengthen your client relationships and become more successful.


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Build a premier Client Accounting Services (CAS) practice

Offering CAS involves a multitude of activities and processes. You might be able to do an adequate job with the same solutions used by your clients, but if you want to establish a premier CAS practice, you need better software – and more rigorous processes. Learn the keys to success in our free guide.

Case Study

“Our firm has achieved 75% revenue growth over the past 5 years – without adding clients.”

Power CAS case study by Steven Brewer, CPA

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Power CAS is built on the foundation of our Accounting Power solution. Accounting Power has earned the CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award – the first cloud-based professional accounting system to receive this honor.

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