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Customization and Collaboration


Collaboration with your clients

The unique cloud-based, Accountant-Centric design of Payroll Relief lets you involve your clients in whichever aspects of the payroll process are best suited to their needs and abilities. By letting you grant access to only those features of the program you want your clients to perform, you streamline your own workload at the same time you minimize the risk of client errors that can easily arise in off-the-shelf, client-centric software.


  • Allow Client Access. Enjoy the flexibility of working on your own, or letting your clients access the parts of the program you determine. Clients to whom you give access will receive a user ID and password for secure access to the program.

  • Customizable Permissions. A detailed set of permissions lets you design the system to best suit any client you give access. Allow access to setup, payroll, compliance, reports, and/or advanced features like 401(k) setup, importing / exporting data, and allocating checks. Firm-specific functions like setting up e-services and monitoring payrolls are restricted to accountants.

  • Communicate via Email or Text. Automatic reminders for payday, federal and state tax deposits. Select other e-mails you wish clients to receive for e-services notifications, forms, and more.

  • Share Documents and Reports. E-mail tax forms, payroll reports, and paychecks for employers themselves to print. Set a password for employers to open these files from a Zip file. For greater security, archive these documents to Cloud Cabinet, our document storage and sharing system.

  • Create quick time-stamped reminders you can send to a single client, all your clients, or even your staff.

  • Clients Grant Their Own Permissions. Once you grant permissions to a client, they can create logins and grant a subset of those permissions to their own employees. This includes letting users from satellite locations maintain their own employees, submit payroll data for processing, and print checks from their own banks.

  • Clients Can Set Up Employee Portals. Clients can generate an Employee Portal for any employee with an e-mail address. Portals let employees view, maintain, and access their own payroll information securely and conveniently: viewing their personal profile, maintaining address information, uploading documents, and viewing/printing pay statements and W-2’s/1099’s.

  • Import Employee and Payroll Data from Clients. Should you not grant access to the Payroll Relief program, you still collaborate with clients by importing data they enter using an Excel spreadsheet. This step alone can save tremendous time during the payroll process.

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