Our Story


In 2003, our founders sold their thriving tax software business. Friends, family, and customers thought they would retire comfortably. However, during the following decade and beyond, they worked harder than ever.  


Because our founders realized that the Internet was about to change everything – and it was an excellent opportunity for them to put the power of this transformative technology to the benefit of accountants like never before.

AccountantsWorld is a pioneer in cloud solutions for accountants

AccountantsWorld’s relentless commitment has paid off. Today, we offer a complete suite of cloud-solutions for accountants including accounting, payroll, document management, client portals, practice management, and a website builder.

Our Accounting Power and Payroll Relief solutions are changing the landscape of two core business services – accounting and payroll.

By selling their accounting software and payroll services directly to accountants’ clients, major corporations have negatively impacted the accounting profession. We are bringing control of these services back to accountants to make accounting practices more rewarding, empowering accountants to become relevant to the ever-changing needs of their small business clients.

As featured on World’s Greatest segment on ION TV…