Payroll Relief



Payroll Relief offers seamless accounting integration with Accounting Power, QuickBooks®, CS Accounting, and Peachtree. There is also integration with key third party alliances for Workers’ Compensation and Retirement Solutions.


  • Integration with General Ledger Systems. Payroll Relief integrates with virtually any accounting system including QuickBooks®, CS Accounting, Peachtree, and our own Accounting Power. An easily configured General Ledger Report is available to transfer payroll entries to any of these systems.

  • Integration with Cloud Cabinet. Payroll Relief automatically archives a Payroll Report Set each time you print checks for a processed payroll. One of many batch process features allows for archival of forms.

  • Integration with Practice Relief. In Practice Relief, tasks and expenses are created and staff time automatically tracked each time you approve a payroll in Payroll Relief. You can then use Practice Relief to generate invoices for client billing.

  • “Pay-As-You-Go†Workers’ Compensation Integration. Send payroll information for calculation and debit of premiums from employer accounts. Choose from 26 insurance companies. Offered by InsureLinx.

  • 401(k) Administration Integration. Transfer employee retirement contribution information to TransAmerica Group (TAG). TAG provides growing businesses with affordable, quality retirement plans.

  • Integration with Time and Attendance. Our integration with Swipeclock automated time and labor solutions helps streamline payroll processing and reduces errors for stronger compliance.

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