Payroll Relief



Payroll Relief handles virtually all compliance faster and is more automated than any other payroll system.


  • Once a payroll is approved, tax liabilities are scheduled automatically for payment on the due date, and for users of our advanced electronic services all tax payments and forms are processed automatically — with the flexibility to specify different terms for any tax payment as needed.

  • Submit a single application for all electronic services, including federal and state electronic payments, e-filing, direct deposit, and more.

  • Electronic filing of federal and most state forms, with automatic e-filing option.

  • Electronic filing of Forms W-2, W-3, 1099-MISC, and 1096.

  • Supports signature-ready tax forms for federal and all 50 states, including filing status summary.

  • Generate coupons and checks for any tax agency.

  • Option to pre-fund electronic payments incrementally as each payroll is processed.

  • Flexible special options to accommodate conditions affecting the system’s scheduled due dates, including pay early, schedule additional payment, disable a pending electronic payment, and convert form to coupon.

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