Stop Giving Away Your Payroll Profits

March 16, 2023

If your purse or wallet had a hole in it, leaving a trail of $20 bills behind you, you’d quickly get a new purse or wallet. 

That seems like an easy decision. So why is your firm still using outdated software that is losing you money? 

See how your firm is losing money because you’re choosing to stick with old software.

Your Old Software Is Costing You Money

The software that you’ve always used has consistently done its job. It’s reliable. It’s what you know. It’s gotten you to where you are now. So how is it losing you money? 

The time and effort involved in managing payroll with your old software is a major hidden cost of using it. Yes, your old solution works, but how much time does it take to make it do that work? 

Think of your software like a car. Yes, your old jalopy of a car works. It’s able to get you to and from work, and as long as you don’t have to pay attention to the windshield wiper that doesn’t work or the side view mirror held on with duct tape, it gets the job done. To save money, you’ve always done your own maintenance. You’ve learned how to change the oil and replace all of the filters, but is it really worth keeping your car now that your car needs a new radiator, and it’s looking like the transmission is hanging on by a prayer? 

At a certain point, it costs more time and money to maintain your old car than the car is worth. By getting a new car, you can do more with your time. Instead of your weekends being monopolized by your junk car, you can finally spend time doing what you love. That is the same way your outdated software is hurting your firm. 

A Payroll Solution that Helps You Succeed

Your software requires more effort to work than necessary. The amount of time you spend trying to make your software provide mediocre results is a major cost to your firm. Every hour that you spend working with your old software is an hour that you’re not spending with your clients or growing your firm. 

A digital payroll solution like Payroll Relief can help you make payroll your firm’s most profitable service. With comprehensive support, including automated services, Payroll Relief gives your firm the tools you need to do your job more efficiently and with fewer errors. 

Contact our team of experts today to see how Payroll Relief can help stop you from losing money every month.