The Benefits of Adding Employee Self Service for Accountants, Employers, and Employees

October 12, 2022

Employee Self Service (ESS) is an add-on module to Payroll Relief. It focuses on digitizing key processes in onboarding and training that provides benefits for accountants, their clients, and their employees. Learn more about the benefits ESS provides each group.  

Benefits of ESS for Accountants

As with all AccountantsWorld products, ESS focuses on supporting and helping accountants. ESS was built with accountants in mind and is part of the already successful Payroll Relief program. 

The goal of ESS is to make accountants job easier while also helping boost profitability of client accounting services (CAS).  

Accountants who choose to use Employee Self Service can: 

  • Maintain more accurate data on clients' employees – ESS creates a centralized digital database for all enrolled employees. This empowers accountants by providing up to date information.  
  • Earn additional monthly revenue – Accountants who choose to utilize ESS are offering additional services to their clients, and more services means more income. Currently, ESS Currently costs $2 per employee per month, without requiring significant additional time managing ESS.  
  • Improve client retention – ESS helps create closer ties between accountants and their clients. By providing additional accounting services, accountants become an integrated service provider with their clients. 

Benefits of ESS for Clients

ESS also provides benefits for their clients. Employers who choose to be involved with ESS can experience benefits like: 

  • A fully digital and customized onboarding process – ESS completely removes the need for tedious data entry. Onboarding documents like direct deposit, W-2, and personal identification information are digitally processed, streamlining the onboarding timeline and experience.  
  • Track and manage compliance and training – ESS provides a centralized location for employers to manage training and compliance. At a glance, they are able to see the status and completion of assigned trainings for their entire organization.  
  • Centralize and streamline key HR processes – ESS can become the central digital location for all key HR processes.  

Benefits of ESS for Employees

ESS even provides benefits for the employees. When accountants and their clients choose to implement ESS, employees can: 

  • Access and modify personal information 24/7 – With direct access to view, modify, and always update their personal data, employees can quickly identify and fix any errors. This helps remove any potential errors and keep information up to date without putting an extra burden on employers or accountants.  
  • View and complete any outstanding training in a central location Through ESS, employees can immediately see which training sessions they need to complete, including initial onboarding training, recurring long-term training, and required compliance training. 

Get Started with Employee Self Service Today

AccountantsWorld is dedicated to creating efficient and reliable software solutions for accountants to help accountants grow their business by offering accounting and payroll services directly to their clients. Payroll Relief and the Employee Self Service module give accountants stronger control of these services, helping them raise their profits, better serve their clients, and have a sense of pride in their work. 

If you already use Payroll Relief, the Employee Self Service module can be added to your existing software today.  

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