The game-changing event that changed the landscape of payroll services forever

August 13, 2020

Dr. Chandra Bhansali, Co-founder and CEO, AccountantsWorld

If you can recall, it wasn't long ago that payroll service bureaus dominated payroll services completely. Few accountants offered payroll services then. No one ever thought that one day, tens of thousands of accountants would be offering payroll services.

Today, they do. We made the impossible possible.   

It was a bold, innovative step a company took then that changed the landscape of payroll services forever. AccountantsWorld is that company.

The reality is that no matter what software you use today to process payrolls, AccountantsWorld made a significant contribution to bringing payroll services back to accountants.

We decided to make the impossible, possible.   

It bothered us that accountants could not offer payroll services – which at one point was in their domain – while payroll service bureaus were making tons of money from it. We were determined to bring payroll service back to accountants.  

Fortunately, at that time, around the turn of the century, a new technology – the internet – was emerging. We realized that by harnessing the unprecedented power of the Internet, we could give accountants the same processing power that only payroll service bureaus enjoyed using the mainframe computers.

So, we created the first-ever web-based payroll processing center exclusively for accountants that gave accountants the capabilities that rivaled what payroll service bureaus had. Our web-based Payroll Relief eliminated the headaches of providing payroll services. Offering Payroll Relief at a nominal cost, we made it possible for accountants to offer personalized payroll services profitably and without compliance headaches.

The rest is history.   

There is no substitute for the original

Later on, many payroll service providers followed our lead and let accountants offer payroll services using their solutions. But there are a couple of significant differences between them and us. 

Their primary customers are small businesses like your clients. You are just a secondary source for them to generate additional revenue.

All these companies are obviously your competitors. Why would they give you – a competitor – a significant competitive advantage by offering you better tools than they themselves use?  

But at AccountantsWorld, we have made an unwavering commitment to accountants. Accountants – like you – are our only and valued customers. We never sell any of our products or services – including payroll services - directly to your clients or compete with you.

That's why we have every reason to give you better tools than any other payroll solution provider. Our 15+ years of expertise make this possible. Our entire survival and success depend upon giving you better tools, resources, and support than anyone else, so you can compete effectively against the companies that provide payroll services to small businesses.

Because of our roots, we have been able to help accountants make their payroll services more profitable than other payroll solutions. According to our user surveys, 71% of accountants who moved to Payroll Relief saw at least 25% improvement in their practice, and 55% saw over 50% improvement in their practice. 

Accountants upgrade to Payroll Relief for more reasons than generating higher profits.

Over 75% of accountants said that one of the major factors they chose to partner with AccountantsWorld was the fact that we never compete with them and work to make them more successful. These accountants understood the value of having a technology partner with integrity that – unlike other solution providers - puts their interests ahead of its own.

We are not just a payroll solution provider. We offer a full suite of professional cloud solutions that includes Accounting Power, which gives accountants stronger control over client accounting. Our focus is to make accounting practices more relevant and rewarding.

Does who we are, and how we're different from other solutions providers, matter to you?

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