Introducing AccountantsWorld’s new payroll employee portal app

November 19, 2018

AccountantsWorld is thrilled to announce the launch of our best-in-class mobile application, Employee Portal Payroll Relief (EPPR). This new app allows small-business employees convenient mobile access to their payroll and HR information.

Bringing simplicity and 24-7 access to employees everywhere

With EPPR, employees can:

  • Receive payday push notifications right to their phone
  • Access pay stubs by pay period
  • Access prior years' W2 forms
  • Upload W-4 and I-9 forms directly from their phone
  • Adjust their HR information, such as phone number, address etc.


EPPR is also the only app that fully integrates with AccountantsWorld's Payroll Relief platform, the leading cloud-based system designed to enable accountants to offer seamless, end-to-end payroll services to their small-business clients.

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"AccountantsWorld has always been committed to making payroll as easy as possible for accountants and small-business employers," said AccountantsWorld co-founder Sharada Bhansali. "The launch of Employee Portal Payroll Relief is our latest evolution of streamlining payroll for all, bringing the simplicity and functionality of mobile technology to small business employees."

What's in it for employers?

As the workforce modernizes, employees are expecting their employers to provide the latest technological options, including mobile compatibility and the always-on remote access they enjoy in all other facets of their lives. Unfortunately, offering these vital technological advancements at scale can be too draining on a small business owner's limited resources. With AccountantsWorld's Employee Portal Payroll Relief app, employees can enjoy remote access to their info via a simple and intuitive interface - at no additional charge to their employers.

EPPR is now available on both iOS and Android.

Click here to learn more about Payroll Relief. Or if you're already a Payroll Relief user, call your practice development consultant with any questions about the EPPR app.


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