Accounting Power

A stronger foundation creates a better accounting system

We developed a completely new approach to accounting software that completely transforms your accounting practice.

The foundation of all major cloud-based accounting systems continues to be a Do-It-Yourself program, aimed at small businesses. But the foundation of Accounting Power is a meticulously designed professional system that takes full advantage of the power of the cloud to give you many remarkable capabilities you never had. Then we added a fully-integrated comprehensive G/L system that shares a common database with our professional system.

Our model puts you back in the center of client accounting

This approach gives you much stronger control over your accounting engagements to best serve all your clients, including:

  • Those who want to offload all their accounting work to you, by offering them Client Accounting Services
  • Those who want to do some work in their offices
  • Those who still write manual checks.

Now you can add value to your clients’ businesses by offering the advisory and outsourced CFO services they need.

Accounting Power is available in two versions: Accounting Power Professional and Accounting Power CAS.

Offer Client Accounting Services (CAS) profitably and easily

Combining the remarkable capabilities of the professional system, streamlined workflow for offering bill payment and receivable services, and comprehensive bookkeeping system, Accounting Power CAS has become a premier solution for offering Client Accounting Services.

With Accounting Power CAS, your staff can do what your clients staff currently does, only faster, easier, and more accurately… all without leaving your office. That’s how Accounting Power CAS enables you to offer highly-profitable Client Accounting Services.

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Comprehensive capabilities for
professional work

Our professional system has an array of powerful capabilities not found in any other cloud-based accounting system. Accounting Power Professional includes:

  • Write-up system with bank feeds
  • A customizable trial balance with notes
  • Adjusting entries
  • Fully customizable financial statements
  • Multiple periods, including 13-month periods
  • Ability to analyze and review an entry using trial balance, financials, journals or general ledger.

Make your after-the-fact write-up 30-40% more profitable

No other cloud-based system matches Accounting Power’s capabilities and speed for after-the-fact write-up work. In addition to heads-down data entry, Accounting Power includes a bank feeds feature that downloads credit card and bank transactions and even provides images of cancelled checks and bank statements. Using the bank feeds feature, you can reduce data entry by 70%-80% and spread your write-up work throughout the year to reduce your tax time crunch.

Testimonials and product reviews

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Bookkeeping system

Our comprehensive G/L system includes banking, A/R, A/P, job costing, and inventory. It offers a digital check feature that eliminates printing and mailing of checks and makes it possible to pay multiple vendors with a single mouse click.

You can use the bookkeeping module internally to offer CAS, or you can set up the system properly and then give those clients who want to do some work in their offices access to it. See below.

Work collaboratively with clients who want to share accounting work

Accounting Power CAS allows you to work collaboratively with the clients who want to do some of the accounting work in their offices. An important feature of the G/L module is that you can customize it for each of those clients, giving them access only to the functions they need and which they are capable of performing. This makes the system easy for your clients to use and it minimizes client errors to save your firm a significant amount of time. Once your clients have finished entering transactions, your staff can log in to perform the professional work.

Offer Outsourced CFO services

Accounting Power CAS gives you everything you need to offer outsourced CFO services such as managing cash flow, tracking important KPIs, preparing budgets, forecasting, educating clients about the performance of their business and more. Comprehensive tools include:

  • Alerts
  • Snapshot
  • Fully customizable financial statements
  • Budget preparation
  • Dashboard
  • Performance analysis
  • Financial ratios
  • And much more


We have made Accounting Power highly affordable for firms of all sizes. Accounting Power Professional is for your firm to perform all the professional work within you firm, including write-up and trial balance work and preparing fully customizable financials.

Accounting Power CAS is for offering Client Accounting Services. You can also give access to the bookkeeping system to the clients who want to collaborate with you to share some of the work.

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