Big service bureaus make billions of dollars every year from processing payrolls for small businesses – including your clients.

See how Payroll Relief has leveled the playing field and made payroll a high profit-margin service for accountants and payroll processors like you.

How have we made offering payroll services so easy for you?

The key factor behind the success of payroll service bureaus is their powerful processing centers that have automated most complex payroll processing tasks.

So we created a powerful cloud-based payroll processing center exclusively for accountants and independent payroll processors. Now you can offer highly profitable, fully automated payroll services without any compliance headaches.

What does this breakthrough in payroll processing do to your practice?

It makes offering payroll services easier and as profitable as (if not more than) other services, by creating a continuous, perpetual revenue stream to balance the peaks and valleys of tax services.

It strengthens client relationships and increases client retention.

Key benefits of Payroll Relief

Payroll Relief provides you with a no-hassle payroll system that offers:

•    Streamlined payroll processing

•    Comprehensive functions

•    Automated compliance

•    Collaboration with clients

•    Additional services

•    Seamless integration

•    Comprehensive reporting

•    Marketing and training

•    Management tools

*AccountantsWorld meets all liability and bonding requirements.


First Year Special – Process 3,000 paychecks in the first year for just $1,495*. (Additional paychecks within the first year are $0.50/check)

After the first year, Payroll Relief offers two very competitively priced billing options:
  • Pay per Paycheck – As low as $0.50 per check.

  • Pay per Payroll – For lower volume users.

* Restrictions apply. Offer only valid for new Payroll Relief customers. May be withdrawn any time without notice.