Accounting firms take raw materials (source documents) and produce finished products (tax returns, financials, payroll reports, etc.). Therefore, how you manage your source and finished documents has a huge impact on your firm’s productivity.

That’s why we created Cloud Cabinet - the first true cloud-based document management system and client portal for accountants - to streamline the handling and storage of both source and finished documents.

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What does this breakthrough in document management do for your practice?

The simplicity and functionality of Cloud Cabinet, together with the way we’ve tightly integrated it with our other solutions, offers you:

  • Dramatically streamlined operations
  • Enhanced productivity for your firm
  • Effortless disaster recovery

How do we make it happen?

Cloud Cabinet delivers two systems in one: a document management system for your firm, as well as unlimited free client portals where you can securely share documents with your clients.

And to streamline document handling, we've integrated Cloud Cabinet with all our other solutions, including Accounting Power, Payroll Relief, and After-the-Fact Payroll.

Key benefits of Cloud Cabinet

Cloud Cabinet is a comprehensive yet straightforward system with a diverse range of capabilities:

•    Highly secured

•    Flexible folder structure

•    Numerous options to upload documents and files

•    Archive e-mails using CyberSEND

•    Seamless integration with other AW solutions

•    Uploading tax returns

•    Advanced search functions

•    Advanced activity log

•    Client portals at no charge

"Cloud Cabinet is an easy to use secure document locker for us. It addresses a big privacy concern for us and safeguards the sensitive client data..."

Michael Ripa, EA
Walton, NY

"Because of the streamlined efficiencies of the system, we process work for our clients in a fraction of the time that it used to..."

Jim Sosinski, CPA
Cranford, NJ

"Cloud Cabinet is a real plus to my business..."

Marilyn H. Ayers
Brick, NJ

"If you want a Web-based document management solution that will make your life easier, you should take a close look at this product."

Handling Documents The Smart Way,
The Progressive Accountant


  • Just $595 per year*. Includes both document management and client portals.

  • Base storage: 5GB, and you can purchase an additional 5GB for just $25 per year.

* Unconditional money-back guarantee if you cancel within the first 30 days. Try it risk free.