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Three Harsh Realities of the Accounting Profession 

The three realities described within this white paper could mean the difference between struggling to keep your practice afloat...and thriving in the coming years.

8 Key elements to a successful payroll practice. 

Offering payroll is a highly profitable service where accountants can make thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars every year. Thanks to the Internet and automated payroll processing, accountants can now take advantage of a service that once was available only to large service bureaus. Based upon our experience in delivering payroll services, successful implementation of the eight elements described in this white paper will create a highly successful and profitable payroll service for your practice.

Where Are the Growth Opportunities for Accounting Practices? 

At first glance, it appears that there aren’t many bright spots for growth for accounting practices today. More and more taxpayers are using "do-it-yourself" tax software to do their tax returns, so that market is shrinking, and client accounting has become a low-margin commodity service. But believe it or not, the future for accounting practices is actually very bright. In this white paper, we discuss four exciting growth opportunities created by the cloud and other new developments. Learn how to start tapping your practice’s true potential.

Client Accounting: Putting the accountant back in control. 

For many accounting firms, one of the core components of their practice is the support of small businesses. As clients use off-the-shelf accounting systems, the center of gravity for accounting has shifted from the accountant to the client. Accountants have to use “workarounds” to perform their work using a system that wasn’t created for professional work. Fortunately, the technology landscape has evolved to the point where it is now easier than ever to shift this center back to the accountant. This paper will examine how to do this, and why it’s so important to both the accountant and the small business client.

How to protect and nurture your client relationships. 

For accounting firm owners and partners only. You've helped the mega-corporations make tens of billions of dollars by letting them leverage your most precious business asset - your trusted client relationships. And ironically, these client relationships have been severely weakened because unknowingly, you have been feeding your fiercest competitors. Accountants have created their own Frankenstein and are now paying the price. Download the report to learn more.

Who is your fiercest competitor and its unsuspecting allies? 

For accounting firm owners and partners only. Your fiercest competitor is not the usual suspect. It's not your next door accountant or the most successful accountant in town. Then who is it? The answer is more complex than you may imagine, because the problem is that your fiercest competitor has an accomplice whose support makes them virtually invincible. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

If you offer payroll services, be prepared for turbulent times ahead. 

You may find it hard to believe. But see the facts. They all point to a new shocking reality—your payroll practice will soon face major challenges...unless you take some bold steps now. Do you want to let your fiercest competitor prevail again, or will you do whatever it takes to save your Payroll Practice?

Offering Payroll Services is more profitable than ever for accountants! 

Automation within payroll processing and Cloud Computing has made it profitable for Accountants to offer Payroll Services without hassles. The Internet has made technology used by large payroll service bureaus such as ADP within reach of accountants. Accountants can now private label Payroll Service, control 100% of their client relationship and have an additional source of revenue.

Why are you a Powerful, yet Powerless Accountant? 

For accounting firm owners and partners only. In one way, accountants are powerful. Accountants like you have helped mega-corporations make billions of dollars by leveraging your trusted client relationships. Yet in another way, accountants are powerless. Think about it. How many times have you asked yourself: "Why do I have to take this anymore?" Download this whitepaper to learn more.

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