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Past recordings of thoughtful and provocative webinars given by some of
the top industry leaders in the accounting profession.

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Pricing on Purpose: Creating and Capturing Value

From the 2016 Expert Webinar Series, presented by: Ron Baker, CPA
Understanding how people make buying decisions is a key component to any successful pricing strategy. By grasping the concepts of how humans are influenced you can be better equipped to price successfully and increase your profitability.

This webinar will provide a look at behavioral economics, marketing strategy, and customer psychology, and how these principles should be applied to pricing, and will confront the conventional wisdom embodied in the old accounting firm business model, which states the way to success is by leveraging people and hours, or “We sell time.” Attendees will:
  • Understand the First and Second Law of pricing and how they influence your pricing decisions
  • Learn how the anchoring and framing effects influence pricing
  • Comprehend what and how people buy
  • Learn the importance of price psychology and emotions
Any professional who is interested in being among the leaders in the profession moving away from the old business model of operating a legal firm, while embracing the critical success factors of the knowledge economy, will find this presentation stimulating, dynamic, and thought-provoking.
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30 Marketing Tips for Your Practice in 50 Minutes

From the 2016 Expert Webinar Series, presented by: Div Bhansali, MBA
Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2017 Time: 3pm ET Duration: 1 Hour In this fast-paced session, Div Bhansali will share over 30 marketing strategies and tactics for your firm. These tips are actionable, quick to implement, and proven to help you achieve your firm's marketing goals.

Whether your primary interest is in attracting new prospects, increasing the ROI of the marketing you already do, or boosting client retention and revenue per client, you'll learn ways to lift the impact of your marketing to new heights.
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Transformation...Mindsets, Skillsets and Toolsets

From the 2016 Expert Webinar Series, presented by: Gary Boomer, CPA.CITP
The Cloud has provided great tools, yet many firms and their clients have not yet transformed. Could it mean their skillsets and mindsets are obsolete? A significant barrier to leveraging new technology is outdated processes and a lack of understanding on how to manage change. Successful CPA firms need to have the right skillset, toolset and mindset. Learn about game changing mindsets and the business capability model of the future.
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100 or More Ways to Make 2018 Your Best Busy Season Ever

From the 2016 Expert Webinar Series, presented by: Rick Telberg
Join Rick Telberg, President and CEO of Bay Street Group LLC and publisher of CPA Trendlines, as he delivers a rapid-fire range of proven best practices, leading-edge innovative strategies, and the newest trending ideas to make more money, deliver amazing client service, and have more fun. CPA Trendlines Research is the leading independent source of actionable intelligence for data-driven decision-making by tax, accounting and finance professionals.
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The Accountaneur Difference: Eight Uncommon Success Practices of Entrepreneurial Accountants

From the 2016 Expert Webinar Series, presented by: Hitendra Patil
The accounting profession is witnessing the fastest pace of transformation it’s ever seen. Technology is evolving rapidly. A talent shortage is coupled with changing expectations of the next generation. Regulatory uncertainties are making compliance more complex. The strategies, methods and processes accountants used for success in the past are no longer producing good results.

Yet entrepreneurial accountants, i.e. Accountaneurs, are outperforming traditional accountants. How can Accountaneurs ensure success and growth amidst these challenges?

Join AccountantsWorld’s Director of Practice Development and the author of Accountaneur: The Entrepreneurial Accountant, Hitendra R. Patil, as he:
  • Reveals the critical difference between Accountants and Accountaneurs;
  • Presents the eight uncommon success practices of Entrepreneurial Accountants;
  • Provides specific tips and tools on how accountants can leverage human behavioral insights to achieve a unique competitive advantage.
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Professionalization of Client Accounting Advisory Services

From the 2016 Expert Webinar Series, presented by: Samantha Mansfield
The 2016 PCPS and MAP Survey revealed a marked increase in firm revenue related to client accounting services. As more firms are formalizing virtual CFO and controllership practices, client awareness and expectations are growing. To meet expectations, firms need to focus on service, training and best practices.
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CPA Firm Technology Trends 2017

From the 2016 Expert Webinar Series, presented by: Brian Tankersley, CPA.CITP, CGMA
The fourth annual Accounting Firm Operations and Technology Survey was published in the second quarter of 2017. This session will present the major findings from this research, as well as some tidbits which were left on the editing room floor. Major areas covered include: practice management, technology management, computer hardware, application software, file management, remote access, and technology spending.

Participants will receive selected key findings from the survey, as well as some insight into the raw data from Brian Tankersley, CPA, CITP, CGMA, who is the editor of the survey report.
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The Anticipatory CPA: How to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

From the 2016 Expert Webinar Series, presented by: Tom Hood CPA.CITP, CGMA
Recent research from the AICPA says that the business environment for CPAs and their clients will be characterized by “unprecedented, massive and highly accelerated change” through 2025. To thrive in this new age of hyper-change and growing uncertainty, it is now an imperative to learn a new competency – how to accurately anticipate the future. This session will show how to anticipate these trends and move from being a crisis manager to an opportunity manager.
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3 Ways to Become a More Engaged Accountant…and Leader

From the 2016 Expert Webinar Series, presented by: Chester Elton
Job satisfaction and employee engagement have been on a steady decline for an entire generation. Despite universal awareness about the benefits of employee engagement, people are still disengaging in droves. And the accounting industry, which often deals with bureaucracy, understaffing, and tight deadlines, is shown to be even more susceptible.

So how do the most effective accounting leaders get their teams more engaged and stem this disengagement trend?

Join New York Times bestselling author and employee engagement expert Chester Elton where he will:

- Present three strategies to unlock accounting employee engagement and potential.

- Discuss the findings of a new study of 20,000 working adults, and how the most motivated accounting employees’ motivators differ from other sectors.

- Provide managers and individuals with specific tips and tools to align their work with his or her engagement drivers.
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2017 Tech Update

From the 2016 Expert Webinar Series, presented by: Randy Johnston, MCS
What has changed in technology that would benefit my organization? What does the future of technology hold? How can I take better advantage of tools I already own? What changes in hardware and software should I incorporate into my plans? How do I strengthen security in my organization?

Get answers to these questions and gain insights on long-term strategic choices and short term technology tactics to maximize your ROI by participating in this ever-popular, foundation session.
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Succession Planning: Perspectives from the Seller and the Successor Firm

From the 2016 Expert Webinar Series, presented by: Joel Sinkin
If you are considering growing by merging/acquiring a firm or you are closing in on reducing your time commitment to your firm within the next 6 years or less, this session is for you.

We will address when to start to plan your succession and how to choose a successor or a firm to acquire. We will explore alternative deal structures including our proprietary Two Stage Deal which enables the seller who is not ready to retire today to retain reasonable control and income while creating a strong succession plan leading to retirement in 1 to 6 years. Learn how to have a deal structure that works for a multi partner firms with some partners seeking an immediate role reduction, some over the next 1 to 6 years yet still satisfy other partners whose horizon is 10 years or more. Lastly we will review the keys to performing a proper due diligence and the strategies to ensure maximum client retention.
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Forget Value Billing. Think Value Building.

From the 2016 Expert Webinar Series, presented by: Chandra Bhansali
Value billing is a trendy buzzword, but for most accountants the reality is that tax, accounting and payroll have become commodity services. Market dynamics – and your fee structure – have already set a perceived value for these services in your client’s mind. You know from experience that it’s hard to change your client’s perception, but then how do you make your practice more profitable and more valuable?

In this stimulating seminar, you’ll learn some simple and practical ways to make your practice more profitable and build true, sustainable value.
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