Empowering Accountants:
Is it a good idea?

Intuit created QuickBooks® with one focus: to let small businesses manage their business finances themselves without the help of accountants. Intuit was so convinced of its premise that it went as far as creating the infamous "Fire Your Accountant" ad campaign.

AccountantsWorld believes there’s a better approach for both you and your clients: help accountants regain control over client accounting by truly collaborating with their clients, with accountants remaining in full command. This accountant-centric model empowers accountants.

Here’s a comparison of the two solutions resulting from these two dramatically different approaches - QuickBooks and the cloud-based Accounting Relief.

QuickBooks Accounting Relief
Designed primarily for small businesses to perform bookkeeping functions. The cloud-based Accounting Relief is a fully integrated system that includes a comprehensive write-up and trial balance system for your firm, as well as a full-featured bookkeeping system for your clients.
QuickBooks gives clients free rein to do whatever they want. Then you spend significant time fixing the messes they make. By limiting each client’s access to only the functions they know how to perform, you prevent them from making bookkeeping messes.
Exchanging large QuickBooks files is cumbersome and time-consuming. Since you and your clients use the same secure online system, file transfers are completely eliminated.
You have to support all the different versions of QuickBooks that your clients use. You and your clients both do your work using one unified system that’s always up-to-date.
Intuit’s core business model: sell tax, accounting and payroll products and services directly to your clients, which inherently diminishes your influence in your bread-and-butter businesses. AccountantsWorld’s core business model: help accountants prosper. It never competes with you and never sells any products or services directly to your clients.

Which approach makes the most sense for you?

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