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When your clients make bookkeeping errors, it's you that pays the price – in time and in money.

These messes happen for two reasons:

1. You and your clients work separately, and you have no control over what clients do.

2. The QuickBooks system that most clients and accountants use is "client-centric" – it allows clients who may have no accounting knowledge to do accounting tasks without any guidance, undermining the role of accountants.

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The award-winning Accounting Power from AccountantsWorld solves these problems, once and for all. It's a fully integrated cloud-computing system for client bookkeeping, write-up, trial balance, and financial statements. Here's how Accounting Power strengthens your practice and your client relationships:

  • Accounting Power is “Accountant-Centric”. It's designed with a single focus – to give you the control over client accounting that you need to do your work more efficiently.
  • Accounting Power lets you work collaboratively with your clients while you remain in full command, serving as a project leader and a coach. You define what tasks each client can (and cannot) do, and give them access only to the functions they can perform.
  • Because our solutions are fully integrated, after clients have entered transactions, you immediately have that data available to you for performing trial balance work and preparing fully customizable financial statements.
By offering everything you need for client accounting in one integrated system. Accounting Power improves your processes and workflow, saves you money, and helps you build closer ties with your clients.

Please view our brief product demo to learn more about Accounting Power.