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There are a host of reasons you may not want to use QuickBooks®. But until now, you probably felt like you had no alternative.

Not anymore. The award-winning Accounting Power from AccountantsWorld puts you back in the center of client accounting. While the basic premise of QuickBooks was to "Fire Your Accountant," the premise of Accounting Power is to "Empower Your Accountant."

In Accounting Power, you and your clients work collaboratively in the same online environment, with you serving as their financial coach and advisor.

This new Accountant-Centric model of client accounting eliminates the challenges you currently face in your practice:

  • Dramatically fewer frustrating client bookkeeping errors.
  • No more cumbersome file transfers.
  • While you can create separate permissions for every client, you still work in one professional system.
  • No more traveling to client locations. Your staff can even perform bookkeeping sitting in your office.

That’s not all. With a comprehensive toolbox of analytics and alerts, Accounting Power allows you to serve as a virtual CFO and controller for your clients, which strengthens client relationships and makes accounting engagements more rewarding.

By offering everything you and your clients need for accounting in one integrated, comprehensive cloud computing system, Accounting Power eliminates the most frustrating challenges you face in your practice.

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of client accounting today.

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