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How we craft our solutions, and why it matters to you

"Cloud computing" and SaaS are hot buzz words in accounting these days, and everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. The truth is, many software companies are just hosting their same old Windows applications and labeling them as SaaS solutions.

At AccountantsWorld, we’ve used an entirely different approach.

As cloud computing began to emerge, we took a deep look at the new capabilities it offered, and how these capabilities could benefit accountants like you:

  • Make your practice more efficient with streamlined processes.
  • Perform client accounting faster and easier.
  • Improve client relationships
  • Boost your profit margins.
  • Work from anywhere, anytime.
  • Reduce overhead.

Take a look at the slide show to see the evolution of our Power Practice System that is helping accountants like you accomplish these goals. Then visit the Power Practice System page to learn more. This new breed of Accountant-Centric solutions puts the full power of the Internet at your fingertips like nothing else.

Chandra Bhansali, President of
AccountantsWorld, explains cloud computing to
Rick Telberg, Editor of CPA Trendlines
  Learn more about our approach and view the
"Evolution of the Power Practice System"