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PayrollRelief ®
Cloud-based payroll processing
with fully automated compliance.
"I have more than doubled my payroll billing in just two years. The system is so easy to use, and the automated features are such a wonder it's called Payroll Relief!"
~ Kristi Dolan, Lynchburg, VA
"Our payroll processing time has decreased by over 50%. All of my payroll clients are now using Payroll Relief, because it offers a time-saving, money-saving solution to all of our payroll issues."
~ Corry Riley, Brookville, PA
"We've grown our number of payrolls processed by over 50% since we started using Payroll Relief. If you are researching other payroll software, look no further."
~ Jenny Pickhard, Middleton, WI
"My payroll business is now 25-50% more profitable since I discovered Payroll Relief. It lifts the huge compliance burden from accountants' shoulders."
~ Mark G. Benner, Oak Park, MI
"Our payroll processing time has been reduced by 75% over our previous 'web-based system'. Payroll Relief is the best system I have encountered so far."
~ Zahid Rupani, CPA, Princeton, NJ
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Product Overview
Payroll Relief from AccountantsWorld

Offer highly profitable payroll services to your clients

Payroll Relief is the first web-based cloud computing payroll system designed exclusively for accountants. If you’re already offering payroll processing to your clients, Payroll Relief lets you do it faster, easier and without any compliance headaches. If you’ve thought about boosting your revenue by offering payroll services, Payroll Relief makes it simple to get started.

Easy, powerful and profitable

Using our Accountant-Centric focus, we’ve created a no-hassle payroll system that offers the following capabilities:

  • Extremely fast and efficient processing. Once data is entered into the system, Payroll Relief does the rest automatically and on time – payroll computations, direct deposit, tax payments, e-filing of compliance forms, garnishments, comprehensive reports, year-end compliance and more.
  • Comprehensive functionality. Payroll Relief can effortlessly handle virtually any payroll, from 1 employee to over 1,000 employees.
  • Customize your payroll offering. Relief lets you customize your payroll service for each client – you can do everything, let clients enter payrolls themselves, check printing in your office or client location, give clients 24×7 secure access to forms and reports, and more.
  • Seamless integration. Payroll Relief integrates seamlessly with our award-winning Accounting Power solution. You can also easily import data from Payroll Relief to QuickBooks, Peachtree and other accounting systems.
  • Highly cost-effective from Day 1. Our fees start at $5.95 per weekly payroll for up to 10 employees to as little as $0.45 per paycheck.
  • We never compete with you. Unlike all other payroll processors, we’re in the business of helping you build a profitable payroll service – not competing with you.