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(Formerly Accounting Relief)
"Accounting Power provides us with real time accounting data that allows me to provide relevant and timely business advice to my clients. In many ways, I am their virtual CFO."
~ Michael Ripa, EA, Walton, NY
"Accounting Power has virtually eliminated client error, and we can help our clients manage their cash flow more effectively, which is a key benefit of our service."
~ Hector Garcia, CPA, San Antonio, TX
"We taught a number of our write-up clients how to enter cash receipts and disbursements. Clients now enter transactions themselves, saving us time."
~ Gottlieb Bright, Beltsville, MD
"I just converted three Quickbook clients over to Accounting Power. Smartlink within Accounting Power is a fantastic utility to convert Quickbook clients to Accounting Power."
~ Scott Kinzey, MS, CPA, Nixa, MO
"With Accounting Power we are able to become virtual CFO for our clients, keep their books current and help them increase their profits."
~ Pramod Ahuja, Plainsboro, NJ
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Product Overview

Are you wondering: "Why another accounting system?"

AccountantsWorld created Accounting Power to put you — the accountant — back in the driver’s seat and make accounting faster, easier and more profitable for you by eliminating the problems created by the accounting systems designed for small businesses that dominate accounting

Virtually all other accounting systems, whether they are Windows-based or cloud-based, are "do-it-yourself" systems for small businesses. Accountants take a back seat in these systems. Regardless of what these solutions claim, their basic premise is to undermine your professional status and marginalize your accounting practice.

And until now you couldn’t do anything about it.

But now you can!

Using the power of the cloud, AccountantsWorld created the first ever Accountant-Centric solution—Accounting Power—that puts ACCOUNTANTS back at the center of client accounting.

Accounting Power includes everything you and your clients need—a professional system for your firm to perform write-up and trial balance work and prepare fully customizable financial statements, plus a bookkeeping system (similar to QuickBooks) for your clients. Now you and your clients can work collaboratively, while you act as project leader and coach—all the while remaining in full command!

You can customize the system for each client, giving access only to the functions they can perform, which greatly minimizes client errors. Plus, there are many other ways Accounting Power eliminates inefficiencies in client accounting, like working with different versions of accounting systems or dealing with cumbersome file transfers. That’s how Accounting Power makes accounting more efficient and profitable.

And that’s not all.

Accounting Power includes a dashboard, customizable alerts, and many other tools you can use to help your clients manage their cash flow and business finances more effectively. You add value to your clients’ businesses, and make your practice more rewarding and relevant.

Isn't this what your clients expect from you and what you’ve always wanted to do?

Accounting Power. It gives you the power to do what’s in your and your clients’ best interest.