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Should I delay taking social security?
(CNN Money) - I understand that if I delay taking Social Security, I'll receive a larger benefit. But while I'm waiting for that bigger benefit, I'll have to withdraw more from my retirement savings, which means I'll miss out on the investment gains those larger withdrawals would have earned. Given those lost investment earnings, am I really better off by waiting for a bigger Social Security check?
6 Steps To Lead A More Effective Meeting
(Forbes) -Meetings are supposed to be an efficient way to get things done, but it doesn’t always turn out that way. And when meetings are unproductive, business pays. One estimate puts the cost of unproductive meetings in the U.S. at $37 billion dollars annually.
How to Create a Foolproof Withdrawal Plan for Retirement Assets
(Yahoo Finance) - When preparing for retirement, considering how you'll spend down your assets is just as important as how much you've saved. Surprisingly, 56 percent of workers don't have a distribution plan in place, according to a 2015 study from Pentegra Retirement Services
How to Make Payroll Profitable
(CPA Practice Advisors) - John Magaletti found a better way to do payroll: Better for small businesses, and better for his own firm’s profits.
Ernst & Young to Pay $11.8 mn for Failing to Detect Weatherford Fraud
(Accounting Today)- Big Four firm Ernst & Young has agreed to pay more than $11.8 million to the Securities and Exchange Commission for failing to detect fraud in its audits of an oil services company
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