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President’s Budget Includes Tax Proposals and Regulation of Return Preparers
(JofA) - The budget proposal calls for giving the IRS “statutory authority to increase its oversight of paid tax return preparers.” The proposal would be effective upon enactment.
IRS Amnesty Can Cover Broader Tax Evasion Too
(Forbes) - Traditionally, if you voluntarily go to the IRS, refiling your taxes to correct your tax evasion before the IRS discovers it, you won't be prosecuted. That general practice has been in place for decades.
Build Your Own Statute of Limitations? A New York Court Gives the Green Light
(CPA Practice Advisor) - Everyone is familiar with statutes of limitations under the law: simply, they provide a deadline by which a lawsuit must be commenced and if the plaintiff fails to comply with that deadline, then the court will most likely dismiss the claim.
How iCloud Photo Library matches up to Google Photos
(MacWorld) - Google announced major additions to Google Photos at I/O 2017. Where do Photos and iCloud Photo Library have to catch up, and should we be looking for from Apple at WWDC?
Uber Owes its New York City Drivers Millions Due to Accounting Mistake
(MarketWatch) - The company admitted that it mistakenly was taking its fee before accounting for the 2.5 percent black car fee and taxes, which was costing drivers each trip.
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