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IRS Proposes Changes to Rules for Dependents
(JofA) - The proposed regulations, issued on Thursday, would also make a variety of changes to the definition of “dependent” in the regulations to reflect various statutory changes that have been made to the dependency exemption.
The ACA and the Future of 'Repeal and Replace'
(Accounting Today) - While the details may remain uncertain, a little more is known about the process, in that the budget resolution for the 2017 fiscal year has been passed, according to Fenton.
Fed Has Met Jobs Mandate. On Inflation, Not So Much
(Bloomberg) - Just because the Federal Reserve believes it has reached its objective of full employment and a stable rate of inflation doesn't mean it will be able to accelerate the pace of interest-rate increases.
6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Charitable Giving
(Kiplinger) - Giving offers great personal and financial benefits, but you have to go about it the right way. Ideas on maximizing your contributions while minimizing your taxes.
Will Nanny Taxes Derail Mulvaney's Nomination As White House Budget Director?
(Forbes) - Trump’s nominee for White House budget director, Representative Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.), has admitted that he failed to pay payroll taxes for a babysitter who cared for his triplets from 2000 to 2004
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