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New Income Tax Form Needed for S-Corps, Says AICPA
(CPA Practice Advisor) - The American Institute of CPAs has recommended to the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that a new income tax form be developed in order to improve S corporation shareholder compliance with the basis rules under subchapter S.
IRS Audit Rate Of Individuals (0.7%), Businesses (0.5%) Falls To 10+ Year Lows Due To Budget Cuts
(TaxProf Blog) - U.S. tax audits of individuals declined for the fifth straight year in 2016 to reach the lowest level since 2003, showing the effects of budget cuts at the Internal Revenue Service.
10 Ways To (Mostly) Avoid A Tax Audit
(Forbes) - No one can promise you that you will never be audited. That's because while most tax audits are targeted (more on that in a moment), a percentage - granted, a tiny percentage - of audits are random.
What You Need to Know About Robo-advisers
(JofA) - Publications issued by the SEC provide guidance to investment advisers who operate robo-advisers and investors who use their services.
Square-Off: Is Raising the Minimum Wage a Good Idea?
(CFO) - It may be a good idea, but for whom? Experts weigh in on the impacts a minimum wage increase could have on employment and the economy.
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