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Pricing Strategies: The Real World vs. The CPA World
(CPA Trendlines) - Usually, wholesalers and retailers set their prices by using markups as the product moves through a distribution channel. Producers or manufacturers usually set a list price. Think of the manufacturer’s suggested list price on the window of a new car. Car dealers will use various methods to price the new vehicle.
Recent Tax Court Decisions Point Out ACA Pitfalls For Taxpayers
(Forbes) - So far, the decisions apply the law in a straightforward way, but they illuminate certain issues that may not be commonly known. Not all ACA-compliant insurance plans qualify a taxpayer for PTC...
The Airports of the Future Are Here
(Bloomberg) - Goodbye parking decks, baggage claim, and queues. Hello retinal scans and indoor rain forests.
Watson Won Jeopardy, But as it Smart Enough to Win the New AI Biz
(Wired) - In retrospect, there was much more at stake than a mere $1 million when IBM’s Watson computer faced off against two Jeopardy! champions back in 2011.
When Life Changes, Plans Must Follow
(Financial Advisor) - We often talk of financial security, but that is a mind state, not an objective reality. What happens when we throw out the playbook and are forced to improvise?
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