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Tax Geek Tuesday: A Buyer's Best Friend - Understanding The Section 338(h)(10) Election
(Forbes) - While acquiring a business can feel daunting, what with all of the fancy terms and high-priced attorneys and such, when you boil it all down, there are really just two ways to buy a business...
The Easiest Way to Lower Income Tax Liability
(CPA Practice Advisor) - There’s a sure-fire way your clients can cut their individual tax bills at the end of 2015. By giving a gift to a qualified charitable organization,
The Best Password Managers for 2015
(PC Mag) - The only way to keep your secure website logins safe is to use a strong password for each and never use the same one twice. And the only way to manage that task is to use a password manager.
BP Settlement Generates $15 Billion Tax Deduction
(TaxProf Blog) - Just $5.5 billion of the settlement is a penalty under the Clean Water Act. The other $15.3 billion is other damages and payments that BP can treat as a cost of doing business,
Special Report: Big Data’s Challenges
(CFO) - Big Data is proving to be an excellent risk management tool. But collecting huge amounts of information may be a risk in itself.
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