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Appeals Court Affirms Tax Court's Reformation Of Limitations Waiver
(Forbes) - The below case is an interesting example of what can happen when the IRS makes a mistake in a limitations waiver, formally known as a Form 872, Consent to Extend the Time to Assess Tax. 
FASB Looks to Cut Goodwill Valuation Costs
(CFO) - To cut the cost of calculating goodwill impairment after a merger, the Financial Accounting Standards Board is proposing to remove a key step in how public companies gauge the fair value of an acquired unit.
Warning: ATM Fraud Is on the Rise
(US News and World Report) - For those who aren't aware, ATM skimming is the process of stealing debit card information – even PIN numbers – via electronic reading devices covertly affixed to ATMs.
U.S. House Passes CPA-led Tax Fraud Bill
(Ohio CPA) - While two core components from H.R.3832 - Stolen Identity Refund Fraud Prevention Act of 2015 were enacted last December, remaining provisions passed Monday further the fight against tax-related I.D. theft and help victims. They include:
Why You Should Use the OneDrive App in Windows 10
(PC World) - The OneDrive Windows Store app for Windows 10 makes viewing offloaded files easier.
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