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Tax Geek: When Can A Business Deduct Prepaid Expenses?
(Forbes) - The answer is found in a couple of regulations, and if you’re more into conceptual explanations, the “matching principle.”
Madoff Accountant Gets Light Sentence
(WSJ) - The accountant in Bernard L. Madoff’s giant Ponzi scheme, David G. Friehling, received a relatively light sentence of home detention but no additional prison time Thursday because of his cooperation with prosecutors.
How to Connect Your Whole House to the Internet
(PC Mag) - Looking for the best way to control all the connected devices in your house? Look no further than these six smart home automation hubs.
IRS Should be Red Carded for This FIFA Zing
(USA Today) - The U.S. Government sent a shock wave through the sports world on Wednesday when it promptly indicted 14 FIFA officials — including two vice presidents — on charges of corruption and money laundering, among other things.
Economy in U.S. Shrank 0.7% in First Quarter as Trade Gap Jumped
(Bloomberg) - The world’s largest economy hit a bigger ditch in the first quarter than initially estimated, held back by harsh winter weather, a strong dollar and delays at ports.
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