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Final Regs. Allow Deduction for Local Lodging Expenses
(JofA) - Normally, lodging expenses a taxpayer incurs while not traveling away from home are considered personal expenses under Sec. 262(a) and are not deductible. However, under the new rules, local lodging expenses that meet certain criteria will be considered ordinary and necessary business expenses and therefore deductible under Sec. 162.
Fair Value Continues to Trip Up Auditors
(CFO) - Audit deficiencies attributable to fair-value measurement are increasingly related to business combinations as opposed to financial instruments.
Loosened Rules for Startups Also Benefit Older Companies
(WSJ) - Federal lawmakers eased decades-old U.S. securities regulations in 2012 in the name of eliminating red tape for young startups.But now another breed of business is angling to take advantage of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act: publicly traded companies, some of which have been in business for many years.
The Most Important Changes Coming To Windows In The Next Version
(Business Insider) - Microsoft gave the world a small glimpse at its next operating system, Windows 10, on Tuesday. In a way, Windows 10 is a throwback. Whereas Windows 8 was optimized for touchscreen devices like tablets, Windows 10 makes things easier for desktop users.
The Name Windows 10 Makes As Much Sense As Windows 8 Did
(Forbes) - There’s a lot of conversation as well as confusion today about Microsoft’s announcement of its new version of Windows, especially in that it’s branding it as Windows 10, even though the last version of Windows was 8.
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