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IRS Statement on the Electronic Filing Pin
(IRS) - As a precautionary step to protect taxpayers, the Internal Revenue Service today announced that the electronic filing PIN tool is no longer available on or by toll-free phone following additional questionable activity.
A Quick Guide to Brexit and Beyond
(Bloomberg) -What just happened? The U.K. voted 52% to 48% to leave the European Union in a referendum that revealed deep divisions within political parties, across generations and between geographic regions of the Commonwealth.
5 Tips For Accountants Before Renewing Professional Liability Coverage
(CPA Practice Advisor) - When it’s time for CPA firms to renew professional liability insurance policies, many assume everything is the same as last year.
What Is The Difference Between Siri And Viv?
(Forbes) - The secret to Viv is the system actually writes it’s own code. In contrast to any other similar system, It is a profound and monumental giant leap forward.
Nation’s Biggest Banks Would All Withstand Recession, Fed Says
(New York Times) - The nation’s biggest banks have all built up big enough buffers to weather a severe recession in decent shape, United States regulators said on Thursday.
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